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Events (Colloquia)


Graduate History Colloquium - Spring 2014
HIST 6005

Faculty Conveners: Durba Ghosh, Rachel Weil
Thursdays, 4:30-6:30, 366 McGraw Hall

The Department of History would like to acknowledge the generous support of Marc and Lyn Cohen, whose gift helps make this colloquium possible.

January 23:      Candace Katungi, " ‘Ethiopia Shall Soon Stretch Forth her Hands to God’: Spirituality, Calling and the Divine Right to Act."

January 30:      Daniel Bessner, "Organizing Complexity: The Hopeful Dreams and Harsh Realities of Interdisciplinary Collaboration at the RAND Corporation, 1946-1960."

February 6:      Kris Manjapra, Tufts University, "Transnational Approaches to Global History: A View from the Study of German-Indian Entanglement." [Special session: this will be a lecture although a longer version will be circulated beforehand]

February 13:    Rishad Choudhury, “Hajj and the Hindi: Transimperial Indian Sufis in the Eighteenth-century Ottoman World."

February 20:    Kate Horning, "[In]defensible: Legal and Political Strategies at the Stammheim Trial."

February 27:    Tom Balcerski, "Frank Pierce and the Bowdoin Boys."

March 6:         Christina Casey, "Writing home: the Curzons' imperial inheritance, 1898-1925."

March 13:       Seth Ackerman, "Domestic Ideology and U.S.-Soviet Détente in the 1960s."

March 20:       Susana Romero, "A Modern Agrarian Country: Housing Policies, Agrarian Unrest, and State Formation in Colombia in the Mid-twentieth Century."

March 27:       Molly Geidel, “Showcasing Development in Life Photographs, 1961-64.”

April 10:         Abigail Fisher, " 'Dexterous at this Wicked Trade': Gender, Skill, and Illegal Coining (1680-1710)"

April 17:          Brian Cuddy, "Making War: International Humanitarian Law and the Character of the Vietnam Conflict."

April 24:          Carla Cordin, “Anatoly F. Koni (1844-1927): Autobiographical Practices among Jurists of the Reform Generation in Late Imperial Russia.”

May 1:             Mate Rigo, “Fighting the War by Other Means: Social Elites, the Economy, and the State in Alsace-Lorraine and Transylvania after World War I.”


Faculty Comparative History Colloquium - Spring 2014



Papers will be available one week prior to the colloquium meeting. Please contact Barb Donnell if you wish to receive a copy of the paper. Dinner will be provided, so please RSVP one week in advance as well. Directions to the event will be distributed in advance.