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List of Current Students

Ackerman, Seth (9th year) - US political and foreign relations history; US/European relations in the
20th Century; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Amstutz, Andrew (6th year) - South Asia; British empire; Advisor: Durba Ghosh

Baba, Ai (2nd year) - modern Japanese history;

Bailey, Christopher (11th year) - Medieval and early modern Scandanavia; Magic and witchcraft, historiography; Advisor: Paul Hyams

Balcerski, Thomas (5th year) - American history (pre-1900); race and gender; public history; American literature; Advisor: Edward Baptist

Bartel, Fritz (3rd year) Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Biba, Catherine (6th year) - US history; Advisor: Derek Chang

Blome, David (5th year) - ancient history; Advisor: Barry Strauss

Bujalski, Nicholas (2nd year) - Russian history;

Casey, Christina (5th year) - British history; Advisor: Robert Travers

Chen, Shiau-Yun (2nd year) - modern Chinese history;

Chia, Jack (3rd year) - Southeast Asia-China interactions, Chinese Buddhism and popular religion, Chinese diaspora; Advisor: Eric Tagliacozzo

Choudhury, Rishad (5th year) - 17th and 18th C. South Asia; Mughal and British Empires; Advisor: Durba Ghosh

Crabtree, Mari (7th year) - African American history (post-Emancipation), 20th century American history, African American literature, memory and trauma studies; Advisor: Nick Salvatore

Cuddy, Brian (5th year) - US history; international history; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Deets, Mark (4th year) - African history, focusing on the Senegambia; North African history; Colonial & Postcolonial Geographies; Advisor: Judith Byfield

Deese, Adrian (2nd year) - African history; focusing on politics and economy, movements toward modern state formation, and the political and historical thought in 19th century West Africa;

Edwards, Ryan (4th year) - Modern Latin America, environmental history, and historical geography; Advisor: Ray Craib

Fear, Sean (6th year) - 20th century U.S. foreign relations history, 20th century Vietnamese history; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Fibiger, Matts (2nd year) - 20th century U.S. foreign relations; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Fisher, Abigail (7th year) - Gender and legal history in early modern England; Advisor: Rachel Weil

Giacomelli, Joseph (3rd year) - US environmental history; Advisor: Aaron Sachs

Harvey, Kyle (2nd year) - Latin American history;

Hong, Soo kyeong (6th year) - Modern Japanese cultural and social history, Japanese colonial empire, fascism movement and popular culture; Advisor: J. Victor Koschmann

Horning, Kate (6th year) - Modern Germany, intellectual history, and political violence and terror; Advisor: Isabel Hull

Hoshino, Noriaki (8th year) - Modern Japanese history, Asian American history, Transpacific racism, Imperial nationalism, mobility; Advisor: J. Victor Koschmann

Israelachvili, David (4th year) - Modern European intellectual history; Advisor: Camille Robcis

Kai-Jones, Christopher (9th year) - Modern Japanese cultural and intellectual history; post-WWI American cultural and intellectual history; religion and empire; war, memory and trauma; modern Chinese intellectual history; Bio Advisor: Naoki Sakai

Kane, Maeve (6th year) - US history; Advisor: Jon Parmenter Curriculum Vitae

Katungi, Candace (9th year) - US history; Advisor: Margaret Washington

Kelly, Jason (2nd year) - Modern China, modern United States, U.S.-China relations, East Asian international history; Advisor: Chen Jian

Kohout, Amy (6th year) - US history (19th/early 20th century); environmental history; history of technology; modern Southeast Asia; Advisor: Aaron Sachs

Krell, Jacob (3rd year) Advisor: Camille Robcis

Law, Aaron (7th year) - US history; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Lee, Sujin (3rd year) Modern Japanese social and gender history; women's bodies and medicine; population and biopolitics in the Japanese colonial empire; Advisor: Katsuya Hirano

Lightfoot, Gregg (10th year) - US/Latin American History; Advisor: Edward Baptist

Liu, Oiyan (9th year) - Southeast Asia, Chinese Diaspora, Nationalism; Advisor: Eric Tagliacozzo

McComb, Max (3rd year) - early medieval Europe, Continental Saxony, religious conversion and missionary work; Advisor: Oren Falk

Milian, Alberto (4th year) - American history; Advisor: Maria Cristina Garcia

Minarchek, Matthew (2nd year) - Southeast Asian (Indonesia) history; environmental history; violence, resistance, and territoriality; Advisor: Eric Tagliacozzo

Mitchell, Vernon C. (9th year) - African American religious and political thought late 19th, early 20th century; Advisor: Robert Harris

Moline, Margaret (2nd year) - ancient history;

Muschalek, Marie (9th year) - Modern European History; German History; Military History; Colonialism; Advisor: Isabel Hull

Pearson, Trais (7th year) - Modern Southeast Asia (Thailand); history of science and medicine; legal medicine; religious history; Advisor: Tamara Loos

Pontzer, Kaitlin (2nd year) - Early modern Europe;

Reed, Molly (1st year)

Reeder, Matthew (3rd year) - Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Laos; early modern history; ethnicity and social categories; historiography; Advisor: Tamara Loos

Reynoso, Jacqueline (4th year) - Colonial American intellectual history; Advisor: Mary Beth Norton

Rigo, Mate (5th year) - Modern European social, urban, gender history; 19-20th century Central Europe, modern Hungarian history; Advisor: Holly Case Curriculum Vitae

Rivera Marin, Jorge (10th year) - 20th century U.S. foreign relations history, Cold War history, decolonization, modern U.S. history; Advisor: Fredrik Logevall

Rojas, Nathaniel (1st year)

Romero, Susana (6th year) - Modern Latin American history; Advisor: Ray Craib, Mary Roldan

Rutledge, Brian (3rd year) - African history; modern South African history; historical geography; Advisor: Sandra Greene

Savala, Joshua (2nd year) - Modern Latin America, particularly Chile; labor and working class history; anarchism; Advisor: Ray Craib

Setlur, Shivrang (1st year)

Siddiqui, Osama (2nd year) - British history;

Soenarto, Ermita (5th year) - Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Islam; Advisor: Eric Taglliacozzo

Son, Joo-Rak (7th year) - ancient societies and intercommunity relations using theory and material culture; specialization is Classical and Hellenistic Greece; Advisor: Barry Strauss

Sorg, Timothy (3rd year) - ancient history; Advisor: Barry Strauss

Szabla, Christopher (1st year)

Tang, Christopher (4th year) - Modern China; Cold War history; Advisor: Chen Jian

Townsend, Rebecca (4th year) - Southeast Asian history; Advisor: Tamara Loos

Vo, Alex (1st year)

Wang, Yuanchong (7th year) - Modern China; Chinese-Korean relations, East Asian international history; Advisor: Chen Jian

Willoughby, Emma (12th year) - Early American History, native American History, British Imperialism, Australian History; Advisor: Dominick LaCapra

Zhou, Taomo (5th year) - Modern China; Cold War history, Chinese/Southeast Asian relations history; Advisor: Chen Jian