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Dissertations in Progress

Graduate Dissertation Title
BALCERSKI, Thomas "Intimate Contests: Male Friendship and the Coming of the Civil War"
BIBA, Catherine ""Wrecked in a Night, Rebuilt in a Day': Politics, Science, and Faith in the Aftermath of the Omaha Tornado, 1913"
CASEY, Christina "Subjects and Sovereigns: The husbands and wives who ruled British India, 1760-1925"
CHOUDHURY, Rishad "States of Pilgrimage: The Hajj from India in an Age of Imperial Transitions, 1707-1820"
CRABTREE, Mari "The Devil is Watching You: Lynching and Southern Memory, 1940-1970"
FEAR, Sean "The War after Tet: US-South Vietnamese Relations and the Rise of an Anti-War Public in South Vietnam, 1968-1973"
HORNING, Kate "In Case of an Emergency: Terror, the State of Exception, and the Law in Modern Germany"
HOSHINO, Noriaki "Mobility, Contacts, and Formation of Multi-ethnic/racial Empires Across the Pacific"
KAI-JONES, Christopher "The Hidden Gods: Wartime Political Theologies in Japan and America 1931-1951"
KANE, Maeve "They That Made the Men: Clothing, Sovereignty and Women's Work in Iroquoia, 1600-1850"
KATUNGI, Candace "Pioneering Race Women: Black Women's Activism in the Antebellum North, 1830-1850"
KOHOUT, Amy "Show and Tell: Nature and Empire on American Frontiers, 1876-1909"
LIGHTFOOT, Gregg "Manifesting Destiny on Cuban Shores: Narciso Lopez, Cuban Annexationism and the Path of American Empire 1800-1859"
PEARSON, Trais "Life & Limb: Law and Loss in Colonial Era Bangkok"
RIGO, Mate "Money, Elites, Borderlands: The Transformation of Economic Elites in Transylvania and Alsace-Lorraine during and after World War I (1914-1924)"
ROMERO SANCHEZ, Susana "Dealing with the Masses: Housing, Credit, and Urban Development during an Age of Reform in Colombia, 1935-1961"
WANG, Yuanchong "Transforming from the Periphery: Sino-Korean Relations and the Last Heavenly Dynasty of China, 1610s-1910s"
ZHOU, Taomo "International and Transnational China during the Cold War: People's Republic of China and Indonesia, 1950-1967"